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Disney - Bambi

Born in Austria in 1869, Siegmund Salzmann had his future in-front on him, not knowing that he would become an author, of one of the world's most beloved characters. He published his premier works in 1900. His career had begun - plays, essays, novels, short stories and travel books were a few that he delved into and went into production. In 1923 he had changed his name to Felix Salten and published his most famous work to date. Bambi, A Life in the Woods. In 1942 having procured the rights to the film, Walt Disney released their inspired version of Bambi, the little Deer, his best friends Thumper (rabbit) and Flower (skunk). You see him grow up in the forest, learning the joy and tragedy of surviving against man, nature and those around him.

Bambi is such an iconic character, the look is totally adorable as all young animals are, with the over-large, long lashed eyes and a delicateness to him, yet you get caught up in his world, smiling when things are good, whilst feeling torn when something bad happens to our beloved hero. A childhood classic for every era.

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