Old Bears Everywhere

Bing Bear Company

Germany in the nineteenth century was the main manufacturer of mechanical toys, so it makes sense that some of these manufacturers moved into the plush toy market. This is so with Bing, established in 1865 by Adolf and Ignaz Bing, who found fame with their popular mechanical toys. They produced their premier Teddy Bear in 1907, and soon found themselves embroilled in a legal suit with Steiff, who felt that their design, with a metal arrow in its ear, was too close to their patented Button in the Ear. Eventually, in 1920 Bing was sporting a different metal tag. With their appealing faces and assorted mechanised abilities, these teddies were a hit. In 1910 Bing offered the world their amazing Somersaulting Bear, which once again bought instant dispute with Steiff, who claimed that they had got there first with their 1909 release - Purzel. This dispute lasted until 1915 when they ceased production. Since its early years Bing had been in dispute with Steiff over design, so they decided to opt for something new, a longer snout with a distinctive smile and stitching. A fabulous hit, that was produced in varying sizes. By 1932 time had stopped for Bing, as they struggled under new management, it was decided to cease trading after 67years. Bing Bears are still highly sort after today, with their re-invented bears reaching as much as £2,000 each.