Old Bears Everywhere


Founded in Boyds, Maryland by husband and wife team Gary M. Lowenthal and Justina Unger 1984,Boyds Bears emerged with a line of miniature sculpted resins, known as The Gnomes Homes. After the arrival of their son Matthew, they began crafting and selling Bears - and these became known as Boyds Bears, due to where they were created. This line of plush soft toy Bunnies and Bears was also a success. Their Bears had personality and charm, whether dressed or not, or with an attached sentiment. Popularity grew, and in 1993 Boyds introduced their first resin bears, full of detail and colourful character. They also ventured into homewares, offering that exceptional Boyds touch.
In 1996 the -Loyal Order of Friends of Boyds! - was formed, Boyds Bears Official fan club. The membership cost ensured you received your exclusive plush bear, tote bag and bearware members pin. Additional benefits included, exclusive members-only collecters items, on-line newsletter plus access to the members-only website. The demand was high and popularity booming. Boyds products were achieving awards and winning recognition
The gift company Enesco acquired Boyds Bears in 2008, and still produce their fabulous Bears exclusively for the American market.