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Warner Bros - Bugs Bunny

He has buck teeth, large ears and feet and always appears to be holding a carrot … have you guessed yet? … No? … his catch phrase is "What's up, Doc? … yes it's the legendary anthropomorphic Bugs Bunny, or to some … "a talking gwey and white Wabbit" … thank you Elmer Fudd (Bug's hunting nemesis) for that clarification.

He was created in the late 1930's for Leon Schlesinger Productions, before it became Warner Bros. and he was most memorably voiced by Mel Blanc, who actually voiced him for almost 50 years! At times Bugs played a trickster or a prankster and was quick witted, today you will find that he has mellowed gently over the years, with a consideration for others. His appearances overtime have been numerous in varying productions, not to mention the amount of merchandise featuring his image or quotes. It's actually no surprise, that he has appeared in more films than any other cartoon character and believe it or not, he has become the 9th most portrayed film character/personality in the world. He even has his own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Today he is featured living in a house (he is rather looked up to too), playing host to Daffy Duck, who brings more chaos, drama and destruction to the friendship than one should allow. Yosemite Sam is a neighbour, as is Taz-Mania, Porky Pig and his girlfriend Lola Bunny. It's like a dysfunctional family at times, but great fun, that never ages.

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