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Warner Bros - Speedy Gonzalez

The fastest Mexican Mouse to ever appear is Speedy Gonzales, with an official debut in 1955, featuring in an Academy Awarding Winning short of the same name - Speedy Gonzales. He is known for his small size and of course exaggerated speed, large yellow sombrero Mexican accent and speaking Spanish, whilst his cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez, couldn't be more different.

Speedy was even paired up with Sylvester a few times, but how would he even out-wit or out-speed the little mouse? Well he can't, but it's fun to watch! In more recent times, Speedy has been running the Pizzarriba, a pizza parlor, whilst residing with Bugs and Daffy, sleeping in a mouse hole in one of their walls. In total he has appeared in 46 cartoons, remaining as popular as ever, thanks to his long-lasting quote "Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!"

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