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Coca Cola

First introduced as a 'medicine' in 1886 by John S Pemberton and his partner Frank M Robinson, they decided on the name Coca Cola, due to the beginning letter of 2 of its main ingredients - coca leaves and kola nuts (a source of caffeine). The business was bought out by Asa Candler, who certainly knew how to market the soft drink. It is he, who has turned it into the iconic refreshment we know today.

Originally the logo was black in Spencerian script, with 'trade-mark added to the tail of the first C. (1887 - 1890), later the wording was removed from the tail and placed directly underneath (1941 - 1960). (1958 - 1960) saw a more recognisable look of white script upon red, whilst in 1969 the white wave was introduced. In 2007 it became the classic logo we love and know, with a twisting white ribbon beneath the white script and upon a red background. It is this image that is instantly recognisable, whatever language you speak.

Now the image has appeared alongside and in collaboration with numerous other brands, whilst appears on a myriad of products including clothing, home wears, art, porcelain and of course Teddy Bears!

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