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Warner Bros - Daffy Duck

This anthropomorphic Black Duck appeared in 130 shorts in the Golden Age of American Animations, (1928 - 1972) whilst his contemporaries including Porky Pig featured in 162 and Bugs Bunny 167. Have you worked it out yet? It's Daffy Duck, the conceited, arrogant, argumentative, assertive and sometimes zany screwball, that went from being a Woo-hoo Woo-hoo clown, to a total and utter drama queen. The idea being that he was the total opposite to Mickey Mouse and Popeye.

The exaggerated lisp, really sealed his character as being different and there's nothing wrong with that. He became a mascot during WWII featuring as an emblem for the 600 Bomb Squadron, whilst featuring in a few war-themed shorts. Soon he was being paired with Porky Pig, who would put up with so much from him and his behaviour, before he would blow and thus it continued. Daffy being totally unreasonable and having no empathy or understanding of those around him. Lately he can be found residing with his best pal - Bugs Bunny, mentoring Gossamer the Witch's son and messing with Porky when-ever he feels like it. Thanks to his life-long popularity, merchandise featuring his iconic image is still being created today.

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