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Disney - Dumbo

The baby elephant with the overly large ears, first won our hearts back in 1941, when he appeared in Walt Disney's animation 'Dumbo'. We saw his upset at being teased and bullied, the distress when his beloved Mum was taken away, breaking all our hearts too. Making friendships and overcoming fear as an attraction of the circus.

In the end Dumbo had the confidence to achieve and he flew, with his large ears acting like wings, proving to all those disbelievers, bullies and haters that being different mattered and that he mattered. He was re-united with his Mum and was no longer a nobody, but the star of the circus. In 2019 Tim Burton released his CGI version of the film to great acclaim, reminding everyone, that holding a feather may not be enough to make you fly, but believing is.

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