Old Bears Everywhere

The manufacture of English teddies has changed quite a bit over time. Some are still with us, whilst others closed their doors long ago, making way for the new makers of today. How much do you know about them? Would you like to find out?

Who's premier teddy bear was named Master Teddy?
Who named their business after a nearby stream close to their factory?
Who made the world's first fully washable teddy bear?
Who's company is over-seen by four brother directors?
Which company began life as a home goods manufacturer?
Who is known for their Dolls House collection?
Which company began by continuing with the last Russ Berrie's designs?
Who began as a book printing business?
Who use to have an Organic Baby Range?
Who named their business after their toddler's two favourite things?
Who's business remains a fifth generation run concern?