Old Bears Everywhere


Since 1978, Garfield has been entertaining us with his quick one liners and his version, of sarcastic humour. Created by american cartoonist Jim Davis, Garfield is said to have been born in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's italian restaurant, which explains his love of lasagne, pizza and spaghetti! He resides with Jon Arbuckle and puppy Odie, whom he likes to show who's the boss, by pushing him off of tables, or out of chairs. Upon time, we are introduced to his girlfriend Arlene and the world's cutest kitten - Nermal.

Garfield is reknown for hating mornings, he must have his cup of joe or he's like a bear with a sore head, yet he shows his softer side when he goes to bed, as he takes his beloved Pooky teddy bear with him!

Now having appeared in numerous cartoons, books, animations and films, annual Garfield merchandise earnings, have developed into an extremely successful $750 million to $1 billion profit!

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