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Disney - Goofy

Created at the Walt Disney Studios and originally appearing as Dippy Dawg in 1932, this anthropomorphic dog with the long limbs and ears and overly large feet, would appear again as a much younger version of the character in a short space of time, with a new name Goofy.

He appeared to be dim-witted and rather clumsy with a distinct chuckle to go with his southern drawl. Mickey and Donald were his co-stars forming a comedy trio, before Goofy went solo. In fact in 1944 (How to Play Football) and in 1961 (Aquamania) two animation shorts he starred in, were both nomination for Oscars. His name may have been slightly twigged at times, but his overall personality and distinctive look have remained the same.

His popularity was such that his image was used by two American Squadrons during WWII as a mascot emblem for moral.

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