Old Bears Everywhere


Founded in 1898, and still going strong today over 100 years later, we have Gund, Americas oldest soft toy manufacturer, and one of the first to produce Teddy Bears in the early 1900s. It was founded by a German Immigrant named Adolf Gund, who strived to use the best quality materials for his products, upon which he built a reputation distinguishing him from competitors.

When Adolf retired in 1925, the business was sold to Jacob Swedlin upon the priviso that the name Gund and the company would always remain ... and it has! Through management change overs to being bought out by Enesco, Gund has always been about being - The Worlds most Huggable - with trademark manufacturing techniques, enticing designs, and of course that understuffed, squidgy soft, snuggly, cuddly feel.

They can also proudly boast Licensed exclusives such as Sesame Street, Boo - the Worlds cutest Dog, and Grumpy Cat with many more favourites!

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