Old Bears Everywhere


Founded in 1972, by an industry veteran who had experienced many years with the U.S. corporation - Ideal Toys, Hans J. Axthelm, wanted to create a product with a useful life span of 10 years or longer. The companys premier product - The Hansa Block Walker Wagon - was a great success. It has exceeded domestic sales of over one million units. This led to the amended thinking of - Toys that Teach -. By 1989 Hansa were venturing into the exceptionally large Plush Toy industry and soft animals. Now based in the Philippines, they produce exceptional, life-like and beautifullly crafted Masterpieces, each having to be foremost, a childs cuddly toy. Having won an array of international awards, with their collections being supplied for themed displays, wildlife parks, photo shoots and exhibitions, is it any wonder. Each piece is crafted by hand, with the experience of a meticulous eye, and a passion for the slightest detail upmost. Each Plush Toy Animal comes with its Toys that Teach Tag, which describes your animal of choice, from habitat to lifestyle, gestation period, to care of their young and dietry requirements. Hansas aim is to enlighten, and give knowledge to the children of the World, by teaching them about the spectacular wildlife that inhabits the planet with them, hoping to prolong safe keeping and interest for generations to come.
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