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Harry Potter

Harry Potter the orphaned wizard boy who attends the renown witchcraft and wizarding school that is Hogwarts, came from the fantastical imagination of author J.K.Rowling. She has published six books that see Harry along with his close friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, not only grow and mature, but experience the most marvellous, yet death defying adventures in her truly inspiring magical world. There are good guys and bad, truths to be told and journeys to follow, all with our beloved hero, Harry at their centre.

Off course in a mystical world, there are marvellous sometimes whimsical and sometimes scary creatures to behold. It is these along with a hugely vast and impressive array of Harry Potter merchandise, ranging from the nasty vomit tasting jellybeans, through to costume, home wears, jewellery and so much more that you can discover.

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