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Established in London in 1999, JellyCat Soft Toy Creators arrived - Their aim was to create something brilliant, yet very different, leaving you wanting more. They chose luxurious, supersoft fabrics, with unique and trendy design twists that were appealing to all ages, thanks to their fabulous touch and look. Their original small collection began to grow, and in 2001 JellyCat Inc expanded to Minneapolis. Now their large range of products can be found throughout the UK and USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia enchanting all who own them. JellyCats best loved range has to be the Bashfuls. A fabulous silky soft array of animals ranging from Cows to Unicorns, Bushbabies to Dinosaurs. But most of all its their Bashful Bunnies with their long strokable ears that you may find within your own home. There is even Little JellyCat, an innovative and tactile Baby Range complete with squeakers, chimes, rattles and even teething/finger grab rings. JellyCat now has over 40 Ranges and Little JellyCat has over 50. From hubble beginnings, and a name chosen by a child combining two of their favourite things, Jelly and Cat, they have certainly made their mark and are classed as one of the Worlds leading luxury soft toy companies.

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