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King Kong

Influenced by a book he received in his childhood detailing the adventures and encounters of Paul Du Chaillu, 'Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa' (published 1861), plus his love of gorillas from the age of 6, the American filmmaker Merian C. Cooper came up with a tale combining his love of the two. A land located in the Indian Ocean that time had forgot, inhabited by natives who make human sacrifices to the overly large, sized animals that dwell there. The place, Skull Island and the name given to the largest creature, a gorilla was Kong, in turn making him King Kong.

The soon to be renown film monster, first began appearing in 1933, with the release of the film. Seeing the beautiful starlet Ann Darrow as a sacrifice, Kong was enamoured, sadly ensuring his capture and transportation to New York. His is most remembered for the iconic scene, where he climbs the empire state building as an attempt to protect Ann, only to be shot down by service airplanes aiming their guns. A love story with a tragic ending.

KONG, the 8th wonder of the World!

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