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Peppa Pig

This much loved childhood favourite, first appeared in 2004 in a British Preschool animated television show. It shared the daily trials and tribulations of its anthropomorphic characters in their everyday lives.

Peppa was the main character who lived with Mummy and Daddy Pig and her brother George. The stories surround the two siblings and their friends as they learn and play at school. Originally produced and directed by Astley Baker Davies, in association with Entertainment one, CH5 and Nick Jr, however at the end of 2019, Hasbro took over Entertainment one, acquiring the Peppa Pig franchise in the $3.8 USD billion deal.

Today the show is screened in 180 territories, with re-runs also broadcast showing it's popularity has never waned as new viewers become enthralled with the life of Peppa.

"George, You've Done It All Wrong!" ... Peppa Pig

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