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Beatrix Potter

Helen Beatrix Potter (28th July 1866 - 22nd December 1943) was welcomed into an upper-class British household and was educated at home by a Governess. This meant that she had very little opportunity to mix with other children, so she became engulfed in her many interests with animals, plants and the natural world around her, observing and recording with her own illustrations and paintings. She had many pets and it is often said, that these gave her the inspiration behind some of her most beloved characters. She self-published 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' in October in 1902. Due to its instant success, she decided to throw herself into her work full time as a children's author. In total she wrote and illustrated 28 published books, sold over 100 million copies, plus translated them into more than 35 languages.

These much loved tales with their wonderful characters have come off the page into animation and CGI productions. Merchandise can be found for everything that you an thing of, the popularity is as such.