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Shrek is a character originally created by author William Steig, who appeared in his fairy tale book of the same name (1990). It is this character that the animated 'Shrek' is roughly based on. The CGI was released in 2001 and produced by Steven Spielberg, who had already purchased the rights to William Steig's book 10 years earlier, with an idea to create a traditionally draw-animated film. In 1994 producer and owner of Vanguard Films, John H Williams persuaded him to take a look at the newly formed DreamWorks and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fun Facts
It won the first ever Academy Award for a new category - Best Animated Feature.
With a budget of $60 Million USD, they grossed worldwide $484.4 Million USD
Shrek became a musical, with three more preceding films, plus two holiday specials and a spin-off film (Puss-in-Boots)
It is now a franchise with many items of merchandise depicting the characters from the films. From plush toys to blankets, mugs and cups to clothing, plus curtains to watches. The list is endless.

Who'd have thought that a story about a miserable troll and a chatty donkey could turn into a love story for Princess Fiona?

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