Old Bears Everywhere


On October 4th 1950, American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, introduced us to the world of Peanuts, with its usual trials and tribulations experienced in daily life and childhood. This time it was a little bit different, the main character was a 'bald headed kid', named Charlie Brown with a pet Beagle called Snoopy, who could do an assortment of heroic things in his dreams, more anthropomorphic in his style, who himself had a best friend - a wee yellow bird called Woodstock. It was the unique relationship, fun and drama between these 3 that have turned them into the icons of today. Merchandise with differing images is exceptionally popular, as are collectable pieces of the trio and their friends.

The release in 2015 of a film, welcomed a new legion of younger fans, proving that you are never too old or too young to follow Snoopy.

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