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Warner Bros - Taz the Tasmanian Devil

Twisting like a vortex into our lives, causing much destruction in 1954 is The Tasmanian Devil, mainly referred to as Taz. He could be quite ferocious with his sharp teeth and overly large mouth, with vocalisation being more grunts and noises than actual speech (that came much later). Quite short and stout, although standing tall, with high reaching arms, he doesn't depict the animal to whom he is named after. It is more to do with his personality, 'name' association and behaviours that are portrayed.

In 1964 the Warner Bros. Cartoons closed down, completing only 5 cartoons appearing Taz. This however wasn't the end of our hero, thanks to more televised cartoons and merchandising, which propelled him forward to a new generation in the 1990's. He even had his own show in 1991 Taz-Mania. His character had altered over the years, so that he was someone you could ask to help, opposed to someone you were needing help against. He has become the lovable and friendly Taz of today … who may occasionally put a whole in your wall, door, ceiling, floor … you get it.

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