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The Tiger who came to Tea

Be warned, if a certain tiger pops in for tea, he'll leave your cupboards bare!

Published in 1968 by HarperCollins, this entertaining and fun tale is from the author Judith Kerr OBE, who is also responsible for the colourful illustrations. The popularity of this book never dwindled and to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary a theatrical adaption appeared on stage, with more celebrations the following Christmas, when Channel 4 aired a television adaptation on Christmas Eve.

The story itself is about a Mother and Daughter having their tea in the kitchen, when the doorbell rings. It's an anthropomorphic tiger and he joins them for tea. Not only does he drink ALL the tea and eat ALL the food in the house, but he empties ALL the water from the tap.

Now along with the book, you can purchase The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Puppet and Cuddly Toy, so you can play as you read the book to the younger generations in your family, who will love it all, just as much as you.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea, is one of the best-selling children's books of all time!

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