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Warner Bros - Tom and Jerry

This much loved House Cat (Tom) and Mouse (Jerry) have been amusing us since 1940, with their typical cat and mouse fun. Both will laugh and roll at each other's fails, yet in reality they really do care about the other. There have been times when the two have joined forces, fighting together, before re-starting that circle of cat and mouse once more.

Both have an appealingly friendly look, even if they have both grown red devil horns once or twice! With their facial expressions and anthropomorphic body language doing the talking, they have never had much use for speech, a nod and a wink can be enough. Plenty of times Mammy has kicked "Thomas" out of the house, after all, those mad-cap chases cause exaggerated mess and destruction. But at the end of the day, it's all about being warm and cosy in their beds, back at their home that counts.

They have won seven academy awards and become the highest-grossing animated cartoon of their day (1961-62), with spin-offs, television series and feature length animations helping their popularity to continue to grow, whilst reaching the younger generation. Their iconic images have appeared on a variety of differing merchandise over the years, proving that whatever your age or whatever you do, anyone can be a Tom and Jerry fan.

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